´╗┐ Maria Carolina

Maria Karolina often spelt Carolina, was born in 1740 but would die in infancy.

She was the third child born to Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.

As with the previous 2 girls, she was regarded as disappointment at birth, but only because to guarantee succession, a boy was required as only a male could be heir to the Habsburg realms.

The Archduchess Maria Karolina was taken suddenly seriously ill on January 24th 1741 and would die the very next day.

Smallpox was suspected, however, an autopsy was performed but could not establish the exact cause of her death.


Archduchess Maria Karolina (Carolina) of Austria

FULL NAME: Maria Carolina Ernestina Antonia Johanna Josepha

BORN: January 12th 1740

DIED:  January 24th 1741

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