Maria Elisabeth

Maria Elisabeth was the first child of Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.

Born in 1737 she died in 1740.

Born on February 5th 1737 at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, she was titled an Archduchess.

She would quickly become the favourite child of her parents. A child full of life and energy as well as being commonly described as a lovely child, her grandfather, Emperor Charles VI often spoke with pride of his eldest granddaughter.

On June 7th 1740, she began suffering with severe stomach cramps and vomiting. Marie Elisabeth died that very same day in the arms of her father, aged just 3.

She was buried in the Imperial Crypt, Vienna.

One of her future sisters would also given the same name of Maria Elisabeth.


Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria

FULL NAME: Maria Elisabeth Amalia Antonia Josepha Johanna Gabriela Agatha

BORN: February 5th 1737

DIED:  June 7th 1740

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